Adam Levine shocked fans of NBC's The Voice when, in May 2019, he announced that he planned to leave the show after 16 seasons as a coach. The Maroon 5 rocker had become a fixture over the years, winning three times during his stint on The Voice and developing an infamous and playfully antagonistic bromance with fellow coach Blake Shelton.

But after Levine left, many consoled themselves with the idea that the departure might not be for good. After all, The Voice coaches have frequently signed off for a season or two, only to return. Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson have all left their posts as coaches and returned for another season later on, as has Gwen Stefani, who came back from a stint off the show to replace Levine in Season 17.

During a recent Q&A session on his Instagram Story, however, Levine made it clear that fans shouldn't hold their breath.

"Come back to The Voice?" one fan asked, according to US Magazine.

"No thank you?" Levine responded bluntly.

The singer didn't elaborate on why he's not interested in returning to his former coaching role. When he left, though, Shelton commented that Levine's decision didn't seem entirely out of the blue, though it did strike him as being a little abrupt.

"I didn't expect it. I didn't expect Adam to pull the trigger like he did," the country star admitted at the time. "We all knew he was getting to that point. It was 16 seasons he had been doing the show, and it's hard to keep him focused on anything. He was ready to move on."

A source suggested to People that it may have been some changes to the show's format that caused Levine to step down, such as the Live Cross Battles that were added in April of 2019.

Whatever the reason for his leaving was, Levine seems to stand by it in 2020 — though later in the same Instagram Q&A, he made a couple of jokes suggesting that his playful banter with Shelton remains alive and well. When a fan asked if he missed working with his fellow coach, he quipped, "Blake who?" Then, when asked to name his favorite album by the country star, he followed up with "Who is this Blake you speak of?"

Despite Levine's departure, the show must go on. The Voice just wrapped its Season 19 finale in mid-December 2020. Coach Stefani secured her first win on the show, beating her now-fiancée, Shelton, who holds the record for most victories with a total of six wins over his tenure as coach.

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