How could someone say no to a puppy? That was Blake Shelton's thinking when trying to sway a The Voice contestant to join his team during the season premiere of Season 18.

Shelton knew that with a new coach vying for winners, he'd need to step up his game.

During contestant Tate Brusa's performance, new coach Nick Jonas and Shelton both turned around for his performance of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect."

"I feel like I’m at a disadvantage," the 43-year-old admitted after he was battling against Jonas to add Brusa to his team. A few seconds later, the country crooner was handed a puppy. Coach John Legend sat in disbelief, asking, "What in God's name?" before coach Kelly Clarkson went over to the pup, begging to keep him or her.

"This shouldn’t be allowed on The Voice!" Jonas exclaimed. But Shelton puppy talked to the dog and contestant, hoping to win him over. "You like Tate? You like Tate?" he asked while holding the puppy.

Shelton tried to sway Brusa's decision even more, saying that if he didn't choose him as his coach, the dog would go back to the shelter. That surely had him contemplating his deecision, but Jonas came out swinging by performing the song with Brusa onstage to convince him to join his team. His tactic worked — Brusa chose Team Jonas.

"WOW! That was unreal! TEAM NICK BABY!!!," Brusa wrote on his social media accounts after his decision.

NBC's The Voice airs on Mondays at 8PM ET.

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