This is Bella, a  yellow-lab mix that should have been named 'Lucky, because she's had a rough go at life. She is an owner turn in, only because her previous owner didn't know how to train her to keep from jumping up on them whenever they were outside with her. That is the only reason Bella was surrendered to the Abilene Animal Shelter, where her time has run out. This is her last chance as you'll see by the fact that she is also discounted to only $20. While other dogs go for $70 and more. Please go check Bella out because these are her last few days of life, unless you save her.

Bella's lucky she's made it this long, she really deserves a animal lover to take her in, because in my opinion she's due to be a winner and needs someone that can work with her to calm her down so she won't jump.  All she really needs is someone to spend time with her and show her some love and I promise you, the jumping stops, because Bella did it with me and my wife while we were checking her out at the shelter.

Okay, so she's not your everyday run of the mill Westminster Dog Show bloodline. She is an awesome dog who needs a home right away, for the simple fact that this is the kind of dog that is put down because "she's not perfect".

Can we save another innocent critter this week? Can you help save Bella? Tell your friends, coworkers, family and anyone that will listen and/or appreciate a story of a dog that nearly lost in life but won at the last second, because you cared enough and you came to her rescue. As of this post on Tuesday, March 5th Bella has one week left to live. Let's see if we can save Bella.

The Abilene Animal Control Shelter (a.k.a. the pound) Info:


The Animal Control Shelter is located at 925 South 25th in Abilene


Mon.-Fri. 10:30 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. til 2p.m.

Phone Number:



You can check out the rest of the dogs and cats that are up for adoption at the shelters website.

More Info:

Bella came in as an owner turn-in, for all I know she is not house broken nor do I think she's an indoor dog. Bella will only need shots as her micro-chipping and she is already fixed. Bella's I.D. # is: 19197005 and can be seen at the Animal Control Shelter.

Bella sitting
Photo by: Rudy Fernandez



Bella standing
Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

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