Beck's is introducing their new beer Sapphire with a commercial during the 2013 Super Bowl.

The spot begins with a shot of the bottle. It's black with a glowing ruby-colored sapphire as its logo. But you don't spend $4 million just for a bottle shot. Oh, no, you also include a singing fish, who's serenading the beverage with Chet Faker's version of 'No Diggity," Blackstreet's hit from the '90s.

Obviously the singing fish thing has been done before. Most prominently in a series of novelty gifts that one could hang on their wall if they dared. But what makes this fish different is that it is smooth, just like Sapphire, which is described as the smoothest Beck's yet.

It's also the most alcoholic, coming in at 6 percent. (An ABV which is subtly displayed on the bottle during the commercial.)

What do you think? Does a fish with a taste for New Jack Swing get you in the mood for an adult beverage?

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