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The first Saturday in June every year is "Free Fishing Day" throughout the Lone Star State. Whereby, Texans can fish any public body of water without a fishing license.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) urges anglers to share their love for the sport with those that have never set a hand on a rod and reel.

Craig Bonds, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department inland fisheries director says “We hope those trying fishing on this special day will also learn that purchasing a license is an act of conservation. A fishing license purchase is one of the simplest and most effective way people can support fisheries science and management.”
Source: TPWD.Texas.Gov/NewsMedia/Releases

To learn more about Free Fishing Day go to The TPWD recommends several resources one can use to ensure a day of fun and quality fishing for anglers of all skill levels:

  1. Fishing 101 - Get to know your equipment and how to best operate it and learn about fishing through the TPWD Learn To Fish webpages.
  2. Find A Place Close to Home - Texas has several rivers and lakes that are public spots that you can use to fish in the state. Always check out the TPWD of Fish Texas to find the perfect spot near you.
  3. Saltwater Pier Fishing - There are countless locations within the Lone Star State where one can access a pier that is accessible to those with disabilities. Public access can be found at 'every bay system'.
  4. Help the Conservation Process - 100% of the monies paid to the fishing licenses are used for fishing conservation and restocking of fish in lakes and rivers. Making Texas one of the best fishing places in America. Get your TPWD Fishing License here.     

The TPWD Abilene continues to restock some of our local lakes and creeks inside Abilene city limits. A fishing license is required for all participants age 17 or older. However once a year on the first Saturday in June anyone can fish without a license, so enjoy.

The video above explains the "Conservation Process" while the video below shares a few safety tips on fishing. Contact Michael Homer with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Abilene at 325-692-0921 for more information.

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