For over 20 years John Walsh's show "America's Most Wanted" ran on the FOX network and bringing over 1000 criminals to justice. A few weeks ago the show was canceled. John Walsh will be back though, just announcing a deal to return to television on the Lifetime Network.

John Walsh was the father of a little boy who was kidnapped, killed and beheaded. It wasn't long after that he sought to bring not only his son's killer to justice but to also seek justice for others. For over 20 years Walsh did that on the FOX network with his show "America's Most Wanted".

Although the show ended they kept their website up and their hotline open for tips. They have since caught four more criminals. Walsh says the viewers never gave up and they had been shopping the show to other networks in hopes of fining a home.

The show will begin airing it's 25th season on the Lifetime Network later this year.

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