You might not have known about a new television show that debuted last night but 3.2 million other did; that's how many people tuned in for last nights show.  It airs on the FX network and it's not for the faint of heart.  It is not a show for children there is nudity, language, sexual content and it's wickedly scary.The show was created by Ryan Murphy also well known for his show "Glee" and you may also know him from his other creation "Nip/Tuck".  Murphy knows how to capture an audience.

So here's the story.  A family of 3 moves from Boston to Los Angeles.  The wife played by former "Spin City" actress Vivian Harmon and her husband, played by Dylan McDermott, have gone through the loss of a child.  The child was dead but had to be brought to term and delivered as usual.  This took it's tole on the couple which leads the husband to have an affair which the wife walks in on.  The couple has a high school aged daughter already.

They decide to move to Los Angeles for a new start.  They buy a huge old house and it's dirt cheap.  That should have been their first clue that something wasn't right with this house.  The couple is told by the realtor that the previous owners died in the house as a result of a murder, suicide.

Jessica Lange is also in the show playing a creepy neighbor who may or may not be a ghost.


Wicked, and I do mean wicked, things begin to happen in this house.  The hair on my arms was standing up during this show.   As I mentioned earlier there is much adult content so I can't get into all that goes on in the show but it is very intriguing to say the least.

I will tune in again next week to see where the show goes and I'm sure I will get trapped into watching it every Wednesday from here on out!

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