Friday August 10th, firefighters battling the wildfires near Possum Kingdom Lake, called on the American Red Cross office in Abilene to assist by provide bottled water and Gatorade around the clock. Within hours, the local Red Cross volunteers had trucks loaded and were dispatched to Possum Kingdom. By Monday August 13th, supplies were beginning to diminish and the American Red Cross in Abilene was being asked to assist in the Tarrant and Johnson Counties area after last nights brutal storms. The Red Cross is asking the media for assistance in getting the word out. Here's how you can help.

As firefighters continue their work near the lake to save lives and homes, Red Cross volunteers are loading more trucks and going to the lake and to help crews assess storm damage in Tarrant and Johnson Counties. Our local American Red Cross has been tasked to assist our neighbors during their difficult times, now the local red cross office supplies are dangerously low and are in dire need of resupplying.

To help please make your tax deductible donations payable to, 'American Red Cross Disaster Response' checks can be mailed to 1610 North 2nd St. Abilene, TX 79601, donate online at American Red Cross, text the words 'Red Cross' to 90999 or cash may be dropped off at the American Red Cross office in Abilene, at 1610 North 2nd Street 79601.

This video explains how you can help the American Red Cross.


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