Ah, Allsup’s, our ever-present help in the wide-open spaces of West Texas. What began as a New Mexico convenience store now serves customers at 300 locations across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Their biggest claim to fame is something universally known as an Allsup’s burrito. Aside from a traditional bean-and-beef burrito, the chain also offers chimichangas and seasonal fillings, like Hatch green chiles.

Despite being West Texas-born and raised, I didn't feel right calling myself an Abilene local without eating such sacred fare. If you have doubts about a fried burrito from a gas station, as I did, you’d best start with a rustic beef-and-bean burrito. This is where your West Texas rite of passage begins.

Burrito Now Than Never

Deep-fried to a golden, inviting crunch, these burritos are best when they’re fresh out of the fryer. While there’s technically nothing wrong with consuming them vertically from one end to the other, a true West Texas native knows to break the burrito in the middle, one piece in each hand.

From there, nectar known as Taco Sauce is squeezed from a packet onto the open halves of the burrito. Repeating this step before every bite ensures the perfect ratio of spicy sauce to rustic, toasty goodness.

By the time you finish your beloved beef and bean burrito, your troubles have slipped away (at least, until the nickname ‘Gut Bomb’ rings true). 

If you’re on the road, on your way, on the job, or out on the town, nothing beats an iconic Allsup’s burrito. Make sure you swing by to get your fill at your nearest Allsup’s convenience store for a true taste of West Texas.

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