Nothing sucks harder than a boring party where people just sit around nursing beers. That's why "Drinking Composer" Ali Spagnola decided to make sure that never happens again. Taking advantage of her uncanny ability to write short, loud, rousing songs, Ali created the Power Hour—60 beer-soaked minutes of drinking and partying guaranteed to drain the keg faster than a Kardashian burning through an NBA locker room. 


Consisting of a plastic shot glass with a built-in, song-filled flash drive, Ali's Power Hour is a complete party on a lanyard. Slide the flash drive into any music-playing device, fill the shot glass with beer and you're ready to play.

The game has just one simple rule: Every time one of her 60-second drinking songs plays, you take a shot of beer. Simple enough to remember, even after 30 or 40 shots of beer. 60 songs. 60 shots. In 60 minutes. It's the drinking game where everyone wins. Suck it, beer pong.

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