They're creepy and they're kooky, they're mysterious and they're spooky...snap,snap....they're the Addams Family! Well I may not have it exactly right but it's close. I wasn't a huge fan of the show but it had a big following and was eventually made into a movie for the big screen and actually started out as a newspaper cartoon written by Charles Addams. The home that is for sale is not the house that appeared in the television series or the movie but the real Charles Addams home.

Charles Addams created the Addams family as a cartoon but then in 1964 it was made into a television series that ran for 2 years. Then in 1991 it was made into a movie for the big screen. Charles Addams himself was a bit of a kooky character. He was married 3 times, the third wife he married in a pet cemetery, his second wife tried to kill him and he retouched photos of dead people for a magazine called True Detective on top of writing the famous Addams Family cartoon.

Charles Addams house, the one he lived in when the Addams Family was created, is now on the market in Westfield, New Jersey. The two story home is a historical landmark and asking price is $799K.

The home was built in 1907 has 6 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a gardeners shed and detached 2 car garage. Charles Addams lived in the home until 1947.

Here are a few photos of the home, it looks to be in great condition and is beautifully landscaped (wonder what the water bill runs).


For more photos of the home see

I know you're singing the tv theme song in your head, because I have been whole time I've been writing this. So I found the audio for you to play and sing along with..."snap,snap".

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