West Texans are all pitching in on Facebook/AbilenesWorstDrivers as to how dissatisfied they are with the current road construction on Buffalo Gap Road. Many are sharing their gripes and frustrations with other drivers as well as lack of knowledge and understanding of the traffic light situation.

Several questions keep coming up like, why is the city of Abilene taking so long to repair Buffalo Gap Road? First off, this is not a city project. This is a Texas Department of Transportation highway improvement. The road being improved may be commonly known as Buffalo Gap Road, but it was originally named State Highway FM 89, the highway that connects the Abilene to the community of Wylie.

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Another question is, when did this project first get started? While many are assuming it began in December 2022, the actual start date was January 3rd, 2022. Another question is, how long is this project going to take? According to TxDOT, the project will be completed (please remain calm) by the summer of 2024.

Another interesting fact is that the people working on the road are not TxDOT employees but rather private contractors. The company that bid on this project hired the workers and must get the job done within the time frame originally agreed upon (next summer).

The reason for improving Buffalo Gap Road, aka FM 89, has a dual purpose. Because Abilene is growing, the highway needs to be improved. Additionally, a better water drainage system and center island are being added to improve the flow of traffic through town.

Some have complained about seeing the road workers sitting down and looking at their phones from time to time. Remember, the weather here in West Texas is blistering, and as employees of any company, they have mandatory breaks. They could be waiting on equipment or could be having lunch. As aforementioned, the project should be completed by the summer of 2024.

Until then, read up on some Abilenians' passionate opinions.

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