While there have been several accidents this past year on Buffalo Gap Road, aka FM-89 between South Clack Street and Woodlake Drive. It is more important that everybody knows where to go starting on Thursday, April 18th there will be a slight traffic pattern shift that might make things a bit confusing.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) contractor will implement a traffic switch from the side of the road on Buffalo Gap Road that we have been driving on. We will now be driving on the new road they have just completed as you can see in the photos below the pattern shift.

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It is crucial that we all pay close attention and 'know where to go' and where the turn-offs are going to be. Furthermore, there will be an increase in State TxDOT workers on site for a few days. Those responsible for working on the road and those workers who will be changing the barriers, cones, and signs. Both the north and southbound lanes of Buffalo Gap Road and the Rebecca Lane intersection will be affected.

Northbound traffic will be shifted to the newly constructed east half of Buffalo Gap Road between South Clack and Rebecca Lane. The Southbound traffic will remain on the west side of Buffalo Gap Road between S. Clack and Market Street and then will be shifted to the east side of Buffalo Gap Road through the Rebecca Lane intersection.

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Rest assured that the turn lanes and the through lane configurations from South Clack to Stonecrest will be designated and controlled by a combination of pavement markings, temporary traffic control devices, cones, drums, and barricades as well.

Please use caution when driving in the area, obey warning, and speed signs, slow your speed, avoid all distractions, and watch for crews and equipment that may be entering or exiting the work zone.

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