There's a new climbing wall in Abilene and it's owner will not allow you to use any kind of safety ropes, repelling harness' or caribiners to scale the 12-foot inverted wall. No repelling this structure, only a 12 foot drop into the pool gets the climbers down. It's the latest craze in the water aquatics industry and The Lytle Shores Swim Club has one.


J. Wilson the owner of the Lytle Shores Swim Club said, "of all the things I've ever done to my pool to keep it up to code and up to date, this new climbing wall is the most popular thing I think I've ever done. Swimmers will climb from out of the water, ascending as high as they wish and then simply let go. The Aquaclimb gives the climber a real workout, and the reward is the big splash into the pool".

To experience the new 'Aquaclimb Wall' you'll have to go to the Lytle Shores Swim Club at 1701 Lytle Trail. The pool has varied hours of operation so call or check out their website before venturing to the pool. Have fun climbing.



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