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The Abilene Animal shelter is now officially being run 100% by the ALL KIND Animal (AKAI) Initiative and from the very start, it has been rough. First off, ALL KIND Animal Initiative started its takeover by having to battle a bad outbreak of canine influenza.

Once the shelter was completely cleaned and all animals were tested for everything from the canine flu to parvo and distemper. The Animal shelter was setting its eyes on getting adoptions started, but then the bad winter ice storm hit and the shelter was closed down tight again, to ensure that all cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies were safe, fed, and warm.

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Since AKAI has taken over running the entire Abilene Animal Shelter it seems like their battles are over. Now they can again start getting the Big Country's fur babies adopted to good, safe, loving homes.

Furthermore, the City of Abilene Animal Shelter's Facebook page is officially closed. The new place on social media to keep up with the AKAI Abilene Animal Shelter is ALL KIND's Facebook page which has been up and running since ALL KIND Animal Initiative first began. Additionally, the City of Abilene still maintains an Animal Shelter website.

Photo by: ALL KIND Animal
Photo by: ALL KIND Animal

ALL KIND has always had the plan to increase pet retention in Abilene through its pet fostering and adoption programs. They are also looking for volunteers and volunteer fosters to shelter a pet temporarily. If that is you, please reach out to the AKAI Animal Shelter.

The organization has always had a clear goal to decrease pet homelessness in Abilene and around the Big Country. Furthermore, they are working toward ending animal overpopulation by being more proactive with access to all kinds of spay/neuter programs and options.

All Kind will continue to increase pet retention by expanding their foster programs, hosting adoption events, and offering greater education and resources through "community outreach."

Again, the shelter director says "we are in need of more fosters and adopters too. Please message us if you would be willing to be a short-term foster."  If you want to help and/or volunteer message ALL KIND or call the shelter at (325) 698-0085.

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