The Abilene Police Department has successfully won the internet with their response to my trolling on their Facebook page.

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So, the first major winter weather event of the season happened on Thursday, February 2nd, 2022. The Abilene area received quite a bit of snow (and ice) thus keeping everyone shut-in for the day (and possibly the following).

The Abilene area was blanketed with quite a bit of snow which led to quite a few incredible photo opportunities.

Well, one officer was able to get in a photo-op that perfectly displayed what we were dealing with here in the area. Said officer's patrol cruiser was positioned in front of the Grace Museum, in downtown Abilene, for a picturesque moment.


Following the photo-op, APD posted it on their Facebook page and that's when I jumped into "Frank Pain Mode" and trolled them lightheartedly. Their response, though, was totally unexpected and (in my opinion) wins the internet for the day.

I merely stated that I was appreciative of them not giving me a ticket for the donuts I did in Downtown Abilene.

Their response, well, was epic.

Abilene Police Department/Facebook
Abilene Police Department/Facebook

"Frank Pain ticket you for a sweet, delectable treat??? Never. Doughnuts are to be praised sir, not ticketed" [Abilene Police Department]

First off, I'm an ardent supporter of the "Thin Blue Line". I grew up around law enforcement and respect it highly. Granted, I give them a rash of sh*t quite frequently, but it's all out of love.

On a day, like this, it's nice to see our city leaders have a little fun, especially the police department. Their jobs are intense, stressful, and without much praise or recognition. Honestly, it feels good to see the 'human side' of those behind their Facebook page. Most of the time they're posting stuff no one ever wants to report, so seeing the other side should make us all remember they're still human.

Abilene Police Department (and all other first responders), just know that we love and appreciate what you do for us on a daily basis. We may not always show it, but without you, our community would be a shadow of itself.

Thank you!

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