I drove by Abilene High School Saturday afternoon and saw what looked like a couple hundred people standing around a dozen new cars in the main parking lot while the bands percussion section was playing Caribbean music. I stopped and asked, I learned that Ford Motor Company, Arrow Ford and the bands booster club had teamed up together to raise money through Fords 'Drive One 4UR School' event.
Brook Higginbotham Bailey with Arrow Ford said that for every licensed driver that took a test-drive in one of the new Ford cars, Ford Motors and Arrow Ford would donate $20 (a maximum 300 test-drives are permitted). I also learned that there were over a dozen cars, trucks and SUVs that were out being driven. All that was required to take the test-drive was your drivers license, email address and a phone number.
This event helped the band booster parents raise $6,000 for the Abilene High School band program. As for the Caribbean sounding percussion section, they were there to entertain the masses, thank God it was not any hotter that it was because, from what I learned, the event ran from 10am till 4pm.

Do you think this is a good idea to raise money? Would you go test drive one to help the high school band raise money?