If you enjoyed the Barbie Dog Fur Ball, then you're going to love this next event. When I first learned about it, I told my family that Abilene's All Kind Animal Shelter was hosting a "speakeasy" fundraiser.

My two youngest kids asked, "Dad what is a speakeasy?" I explained that the term "speakeasy" goes back to 1920s Prohibition. A speakeasy was a place where alcoholic beverages were illegally sold and consumed during that period.

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When the prohibition era ended and alcohol was legal again, these speakeasies went away. Today a lot of people like to dress up in the outfits of that era and play like they're doing something that's frowned upon, even though it no longer is.

Modern-day speakeasies are used by civic and charitable organizations as themes for fundraisers. A speakeasy might embody the Prohibition Era vibe, utilizing dim lights and a bit of secrecy to give the feel of an actual speakeasy. The All Kind Animal Shelter is hosting its speakeasy to raise funds for the new shelter that is being built.

To help sponsor this event or purchase tickets, simply follow the links below, then get ready to relive the roaring 1920s. Don't forget to dress the part (as seen in the video below) and have some fun helping out the fur babies of West Texas.

For tickets click the All Kind Animal Shelter. All Kind is in real need of sponsors from area business owners, civic organizations, and pet lovers everywhere. If you can donate, please contact Andrea Robison at (325) 698-0085.

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