Texas music artist Aaron Watson dropped by the studio to bring me his new song, "Raise Your Bottle". The song was inspired by both his grandpa a WWII veteran and his dad a Vietnam war veteran. The song pays tribute to his kin folk and all veterans alike. Furthermore the profits from the song will go to a veterans charity called the Boot Campaign.

The song, Raise Your Bottle is a traditional Merle Haggard sounding song. As I listened to it, I got quite emotional it had me swallowing hard and drying my eyes. Aaron said, "my grandpa and my dad are both my biggest heroes and my biggest influences in my life. My grandpa would set me on his knee and talk about all his favorite country singers and their songs. My dad came back from Vietnam with a medal that he gave to me. I was so proud of that thing, that I took it to every show and tell, that would let me show it off".

The Boot Campaign was started by five Texas women. The campaign is a way for anyone to show their support for the troops (both past and present). The Boot Campaign provides and/or fulfills the needs of those veterans (and their families) who have physical and emotional needs. Aaron said "I can't think of a better way, to honor those that gave their all, than to give all the proceeds from this song to a veterans organization, like the Boot Campaign". To help out go to the Boot Campaign's Aaron Watson page or get a copy of the song, from iTunes or at Aaron Watson's website.

Grab a tissue, crank up the speakers and Raise Your Bottle to honor all those veterans that gave of themselves so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today. Give it a listen.

here's Aaron Watson's Raise Your Bottle


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