Here's a great way to celebrate Mexican Independence Day: munch some tacos at Abilene's American Legion Paramore Post 57 this Saturday, September 16. On the first three Saturdays of every month, Post 57 (located on East South 11th Street) hosts a fundraiser dinner, and the public is invited to attend.

On the first Saturday of every month, the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) host a fried fish dinner with all the trimmings for $15 a person. On the second Saturday, the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) members host a chicken fried steak dinner for $15 a person.

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On the third Saturday, you can count on both SAL and ALA members to co-host a tasty taco dinner for only $10 a person. So this Saturday, September 16, celebrate Mexican Independence Day with tacos and all the trimmings, including rice and beans. Or just go with a taco salad.

The Legion's commander informed me that all the monies raised from the dinners go directly to Abilene area veterans and a few local charities. The Abilene American Legion Paramore Post goes as far as to help veterans pay their bills when they run short for things like rent, utilities, and assist in paying for eyeglasses, hearing aids, and whatever else that veteran may need.

Our Abilene American Legion also donates food and cash to Meals on Wheels to feed veterans and their spouses. When you go eat or donate to the American Legion Paramore Post 57, you are giving directly to those veterans who gave their all to protect you, me, and our amazing nation. So go have some tacos at the American Legion Paramore Post 57 in Abilene this Saturday, September 16.

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