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This place is called "Domeland" it's an off-grid Adobe Dome Home in far west Texas near the Big Bend National Park. While this is not some big fancy bougie luxurious mansion, it is a very relaxing, eye-opening, stress-relieving experience. I promise you that you will spend an evening or two just counting the stars.

If there ever was a place that spoke the word relaxing this Domeland home is the spot. Mind you, this is a very simplistic place, you'll not find all the creature comforts of home like a bathtub or a hot tub, you will find a place to shower and a place to relieve yourself when nature calls.

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It's not completely rustic, the kitchen does have a sink with running captured rainwater. Let's remind ourselves this is not about having the luxuries of home it's more about unplugging and distressing. Anxiety has no place in Domeland however, if you must this Airbnb does feature Wi-Fi at 31-Mbps which of course you will be able to stream 4K videos and join in on video calls as well.

As for food, this Airbnb does have a kitchen, a refrigerator, all the kitchen basics like knives, forks, spoons, plates, drinking glasses, cooking utensils, a BBQ pit, and most importantly a dishwasher as well. So, when you find yourself wanting to get away from all the madness, insanity, stress, and work pressure and you just need some time and space for yourself this Airbnb is the perfect spot to go hide.

More importantly, this place reminds me of Fall and everything the third season has to offer as you'll see in the video below. Enjoy!

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