Now that the lazy, hazy summer days are fading, we're putting away the bathing suits, tank tops, and flip flops. We are putting on our coats, sweaters, boots, and a few pounds.

The researchers at Duke University just revealed in the New York Times Magazine that, "as the days get shorter, the nights get longer and cooler weather prevails, we tend to stay indoors more, eat, and do less, and that's where the weight gain problems begin.

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While indoors, we're closer to the refrigerator, television, we sleep more and we tend to do a lot less physical activity. It's really pretty simple, I've learned it from my trainers at the Fieldhouse. All you have to do to maintain a healthy weight is to ensure that you burn more calories than you're taking in.

Now, if I take in more calories than I burn, I gain weight fast. However, if I burn more calories than I take in, I lose weight. The real problem here is, that during Fall and Winter months we tend to hibernate like bears, and I also discovered that in order to stay more active I need to spend more time in the great outdoors. I need to go for long walks and besides, I love walking in our local parks.

Abilene is so incredibly awesome with over ten paved walking trails and over ten more that are natural hiking trails. I've put this list together of my favorite walking and hiking trails in and around Abilene. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me in burning more calories than I take in and continuing my weight loss journey.

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