Teacher Tribute gives school children in the Big Country the opportunity to honor their favorite teacher. Many teachers go above and beyond assisting kids in school, including children who may be having problems at home. Those teachers make lasting impressions on a student's life.

Any student from Head Start through high school can bring attention to certain educators, coaches, or counselors they appreciate. Letters are forwarded to the Teacher Tribute board of judges, and several are selected to be honored for their contribution to that child's life, as well as other students the educator impacts.

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Arrow Ford auto dealership founded Teacher Tribute. It is actually the brainchild of Seaton Higginbotham President/owner of Arrow Ford.

The Teacher Tribute winners are then showered with praise and prizes from the media community and area businesses like Arrow Ford, which initiated the Teacher Tribute program. One of the media that participates is KEAN-105; the winning teacher and student will guest on the radio and share their story.

On KTXS TV, the winning teacher and student will guest live on the morning news. Hispanic Life magazine will share the story with its reader, Lamar Advertising will post the winning teachers' photographs on a billboard, and local business Exceptional Brands will deliver gift cards from their local restaurants.

The biggest prize comes when the Arrow Ford spokesperson reveals that the Teacher Tribute winner gets a $100 check, more gift cards, and a brand-new car to drive for a specific time. The nominating student will also receive prizes and gift cards.

Any student can nominate any teacher who has helped them above and beyond the normal expectation of a teacher's responsibility. To nominate your teacher, coach or counselor, pick up a Teacher Tribute nomination form from your school's office or visit ArrowFord.com/TeacherTribute. Tell us why your teacher should be recognized.

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Being a teacher is a huge responsibility. It can be very stressful, and sometimes that depends on the district where the teacher is employed. There are actually some states that are not that great for teachers.

Wallethub put together a list of the best and worst states for teachers. They look at things like opportunities for employment, competition, academics and work environments.

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