2011 has been reported as the driest year on record to date and the second hottest year since the 1920's. As I wrote about the "Worst Storms in Recent History" in July of 2011, number one on my list was drought, The National Climatic Data Center reported 2011 as the driest year in recorded history for Texas. The NCDC reported that until now the previous driest year was  in 1917 with only 14.99 inches of rain statewide average, 2011 only measured 14.88 inches total statewide average.

2011 was the second hottest year on record, in 1921 the average statewide temperature was recorded at 67.5 degrees compared to last years statewide average of 67.2 degrees. Of course hotter temperatures and lack of rain tend to go hand in hand. The NOAA weather service and the NCDC continue to gather more weather data and are predicting below normal precipitation 2012.