Over the weekend I worked on my central heating and air conditioning system. While the unit was off, I was up in the attic changing filters, and the temperature up there was 120 degrees or better. I was burning up.

Sometimes the air conditioning or electricity may go out or ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) does their rolling blackouts because of the electricity consumption. I started thinking about how would I stay cool if I didn't have air conditioning at all. So I came up with a few thoughts. Kind of scary, huh?

When I was in college and air conditioning was in short supply to a school kid, I would put bowls of ice in front of and behind the fan, and it would offer a little relief at bedtime. I always managed to fall asleep before the ice melted.

Another trick was hanging wet towels or sheets by opened windows. I would also cut up old socks and use them as wide wristbands, dampening them with water; this too offered relief from the heat. If you are needing assistance right now and don't have the money, the United Way of Abilene's "Beat the Heat Abilene" fan campaign can help.

Yes, it's true - the United Way of Abilene will be distributing 20-inch box fans to families  in need. Maybe you'd like to help a family in need. You can make a $20 donation which will purchase a fan that the United Way of Abilene will distribute. Follow this United Way website link or simply dial 211 for assistance.

However, if you're just trying to cool down, I did find this (pardon the pun) super-cool how-to video. It has a lot of the same ideas I used, and some I never thought of. Check it out and stay cool.

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