Roadkill found by woman is mystery so big investigators have been called in to do some research. I've seen a few strange looking animals while out hunting before; including a fox that had a bad case of mange. Now it was dead and yes I took pictures because it looked somewhat like the chupacabara some have claimed exists. This animal that was found in Minnesota, not sure what it is exactly.

A woman was out walking when she saw this animal laying in the middle of the road, because it had no hair she new it wasn't a dog or cat but wasn't sure beyond that what it might be.

She took photographs and now animal control and other research and government organizations are trying to figure out what it is. The woman seems to think it's an animal that the government has done testing on; she says that only half laughing.

It has white skin, one tuft of hair on it's back and 5 claws on each foot.  Some think it's a badger others think it's a wolverine or the famous chupacabra but no one at this point knows for sure.

Check out the video of the animal and some possible guesses as to it's identity.