Rep. Dean Urdahl of Minnesota is trying once again to get a bill pasted in the Senate that will ban lawsuits by people who try to sue the food makers or sellers for their weight gain.The bill is called the “Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act” and I totally agree with this bill.  You know if you eat a fast food cheeseburger with 80 grams of fat that you will gain weight, it's not their fault you have no self control.  The fast food chains do what all businesses do; they advertise their product.  However, they are not forcing you do eat their food.  You at sometime or another have to take responsibility for your choices.

Urdahl said he brought the bill up again this year because Republicans, who probably are more favorable to the concept, now control the Senate.

Urdahl summarized his bill: “If you eat too much and get fat, you can’t sue the food retailer.”