Watch What Happens When You Wring Out a Washcloth in Space
International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield frequently answers questions, sent from Earth, via video. Well, this time around he was asked what would happen when he wrings out a wet washcloth in space.
What actually happens is pretty dang incredible, if you ask me.
Do You Support a Manned Flight to Mars? — Survey of the Day
Mars is in the news these days thanks to the Curiosity rover which recently landed on the red planet. The goal of the six-wheeled robot is to find signs of life on Mars, and NASA also hopes that its 23 month mission will increase public awareness of the space program.
But will it rekindle interest in…
Check Out an Amazing Panoramic Photo of Mars
The internet has been having a lot of fun with the Mars Curiosity Rover landing. There were a whole bunch of memes. And, of course, there’s mohawk guy Bobak Ferdowsi, who’s successfully bridged the gap between geek and punk.
But the real fun is going to begin when…

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