Calling all Texas space cowboys! NASA is looking for brave souls who are willing to live on the red planet for a whole year!

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NASA announced that they are looking for applicants for the ultimate mission: living on Mars for a whole year! Well... kind of!

The year long mission will actually be simulated and Earth-based; meaning you'll still be here on Earth but the experience will make it feel like you're on the red planet. The yearlong mission, which will kick off in spring 2025, aims to replicate the conditions on Mars to guide NASA’s plans for future expeditions.

The second of three planned ground-based missions called CHAPEA (Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog) will involve a four person volunteer crew living and working inside a 1,700-square-foot, 3D-printed habitat based at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The habitat, called the Mars Dune Alpha, simulates the challenges of a mission on Mars, including resource limitations, equipment failures, communication delays, and other environmental stressors. Crew tasks include simulated spacewalks, robotic operations, habitat maintenance, exercise, and crop growth.

If you think you're up for the challenge, here are the requirements if you're looking to apply:

  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • 30-55 years old
  • Non-smoker
  • Proficient in English
  • Master’s degree in STEM (engineering, mathematics, biological science, physical science, computer science, other related)
    -Can be substituted for a bachelor of science degree in STEM with four years of professional experience or military officer training with four years of professional experience
  • At least two years of professional STEM experience or at least 1,000 hours piloting an aircraft
    -Can be substituted for two years of a doctoral program in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; a completed medical degree; or a test pilot program.
  • “Strong desire for unique, rewarding adventures and interest in contributing to NASA’s work to prepare for the first human journey to Mars.”

Deadline to apply is Tuesday, April 2, at 3 p.m. MT. You can apply here.

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