Naked Man Engages Police in New Year’s Samurai Standoff
They call New Year's Eve amateur night because it's a night where nearly everyone parties hard, not just those who have regular experience with intoxicants. This means that it's a pretty safe bet that some idiotic stuff is going to go down, sometimes even before the ball drops.
Burglar Found Naked in Home Holding Family Chihuahua
If you're in the market to commit a felony, you've got to get creative these days. With tons of weird crimes already on the books like the NHL dude who was arrested while wearing a Teletubby costume or the guy who was caught cooking pot pie in his tightie whities, it's hard to be original. We've rec…
Randy Travis Drunk Driving and Naked
I was not in the least bit surprised to hear that Randy Travis was arrested again, for driving while intoxicated (DWI). However, I was floored to hear that he was driving naked while he was drunk driving. I cannot draw the lines between being naked and drunk driving, unless of course there is money …