Country Stars Guest Writing For Ladies Home Journal [VIDEO]
A relatively new country music artist gives readers and anyone who has ever wanted to be in the music business a look into the inner workings of the biz. Margaret Durante does have the upper hand in this project. She can write, songs of course but I mean she could pass for a journalist. Her journali…
Taylor Swift Is In Style [VIDEO]
I've met Taylor Swift and standing there next to her I thought to myself..."self this girl is TALL and she could be a high fashion model as well." That was last year when I was inducted into the Hall Of Fame, she was on hand for my buddy Mike who was inducted and introduced by Taylor. I'm …
Dierks Bentley Esquire Year Two [VIDEO]
You don't usually hear the name Dierks Bentley and Esquire magazine in the same sentence. Well, in this blog you will tie the two together for a great cause. Dierks even writes a song about his experiences in Detroit and with Esquire magazine.