Jason Statham’s ‘Heat’ Remake Gets a New Director
Calm down, calm down. Jason Statham, the world's foremost B-Movie star, is not tackling the Michael Mann epic that pitted Al Pacino against Robert De Niro. No, Statham is remaking the Burt Reynolds 'Heat' from 1986, and it was originally going to be helmed by Brian De Palma. Now it&ap…
Reporter Completely Melts Down While Reporting on the Heat
One of the ways a local TV news reporter can distinguish himself is through his coverage of an extreme weather event.
WATE 6 News Knoxville reporter Mike Krafcik was given that opportunity when he was assigned to the heatwave which struck the Tennessee city earlier this month.
Heat Stroke Is Preventable With New Headband Technology [VIDEO]
Those 2 a day football workouts have begun across the state.  With the temperatures in most of the state rising into the triple digits it's necessary to keep the kids hydrated and keep their body temperature below 102 to avoid heat stroke.  There have already been a couple of deaths due to the heat.…