Heroic Firefighters Save Family Dog
It's a fact that firefighters will go to extreme lengths to save lives, and now comes a story of heroic first responders who rescued a beloved family pet from the brink of death.
Down Power Line Causes Brush Fire at Rudy’s House [PHOTOS]
Sitting there relaxing in my old tank top, gym shorts and flip-flops, when someone starts beating on my front door. Not recognizing the lady at my front door I asked calmly and politely, may I help you? She says, "your house is about to catch fire!", after seeing the look of disbelief she …
Firefighter Rescues Kitten From Inside a Pipe [VIDEO]
Earlier this week, a man dropped off a section of rusty pipe to firefighters at Redding, California’s Fire Station #4. Why? There was a kitten trapped inside of it. That’s right, a real life, just-larger-than-pipe-sized cat. So were these American heroes able to squee…