Watch a Flame Throwing Hot Rod Car Ignite a Bonfire
With Cruise Night here, we will be seeing a lot of awesome cars. Here's one classic car that's not just for cruising around in. This classic flame spitting hot rod can actually light your bonfire then drive off for a cruise around town. Check it out.
Rudy Tests A Few Fire Starters for ‘One-Arm Challenge’
I tested some fire starters to see if they worked and to see if I could do it. One in-particular brand new devise is called the 'Everstryke Match'. Another is my old time favorite a magnesium rod fire starter, and I know it works because I've been using it since I was a scout. As I like to say "…
Lee Brice Reflects On Frightening Bus Fire
Over the weekend (Saturday, Jan. 21), Lee Brice was the latest country star to fall victim to an unexpected bus fire that destroyed his home on wheels. After pulling into Toby Keith‘s I Love This Bar and Grill restaurant in Mesa, Ariz., the back end of Brice’s Prevost tour bus …
Lee Brice’s Bus Catches Fire in Arizona
Lee Brice‘s new single ‘A Woman Like You’ is currently burning up country radio and the country singles chart, but this weekend it was his tour bus that was doing all of the burning. Saturday afternoon (Jan. 21), Brice’s bus caught on fire outside of Toby …

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