10 Unlikely Baseball Playoff Heroes
It seems like every postseason, some previously unknown or under-appreciated player plays a major role in his team playoff victory. This year's winner so far is Raul Ibanez, who helped propel the Yankees to a stunning win on Wednesday after he pinch hit for Alex Rodriguez in the ninth inning and hom…
St. Louis Cardinals Pitcher Gives Removed Rib to Daughter
It's a little strange to lose a body part. But that's what happened to St. Louis Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter when surgeons removed one of his ribs in an attempt to alleviate pressure that was running up his pitching arm.
After the surgery Carpenter was presented with the bone, and he knew…
5 Awful Wild Pitches You Have to See to Believe
Over the course of their careers, major league pitchers throw tens of thousands of pitches. Most of them will end up in the general vicinity of the catcher’s glove. Others will miss so badly that baseball fans will have no choice but to laugh at the ugly result.
5 Biggest Baseball Brawls in MLB History
There’s no denying that the typical professional baseball game has many dull moments. Even the most diehard fan can have a hard time focusing on those midseason snoozefests during the dog days of August. Still, every once in a while, fans are treated to a phenomenon as rare as it is …
Abilene Prairie Dogs Season Opener May 28th
As I mentioned a couple of days ago little league season is underway and soon our new minor league team will be taking the field as well. The Abilene Prairie Dogs home opener will be on Memorial Day, May 28th!

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