He's not Ken or G.I. Joe but he does now have an action figure doll made in his likeness.

A company in Oxford, Connecticut produced 2 versions of the Rep. Anthony Weiner doll.

One of these dolls is supposedly anatomically correct; I don't know if that's a good thing or bad.

The two versions of the doll include one  wearing a shorts set that has a little tag on the shorts stating "tweet this" the other is a more adult version of the doll; the anatomically correct version.

The company HeroBuilders.com has also produced dolls for other celebrity types including the President and Mrs. Obama and Sarah Palin.

The Rep. Weiner doll is around $40 for the standard version or an extra $10 for the adult version.

Now yesterday the website that manufactures and sells this doll, herobuilders.com, had crashed due to the overload of curious viewers; I checked back today...it's still down.  So if you're interested in the purchase of this doll just keep checking back.

This doll should feed the mans ego!  He seems to enjoy sharing himself with the public whether we want to see it or not.  I don't find him the least bit attractive therefore I will not be spending $40-$50 for a doll likeness of him but I might go get G.I Joe, he's a real hero.