Blake Shelton sits down to talk about why he had reservations on cutting the song "I'm Sorry". Even though he wrote it,he says it was vocally straining and challenging. But he still had a big hurdle to over come. You see, Blake Shelton wanted Martina McBride to do the second vocals on the song. Blake didn't have the guts to ask Martina himself. So he relied on someone close to Miss McBride.

Blake Shelton found the courage and got advice from the most unlikely source, Martina McBride's daughter. Seems Blake has her cell phone number so he text-ed the young McBride and asked her, "do you think your mom might sing this song with me" Blake asked. She text-ed him back and told him to shed the feathers and, well you check out this video. I really like this song a lot! If you would like to meet Blake Shelton sign up on our Facebook page.