Ryan Beaver is a 27-year-old from Austin. Beaver is a singer and a songwriter and for the most part his own promoter and marketing team. His singing and songwriting skills are in my opinion above normal yet he has a passion for the music and performing.


Ryan Beaver's answer for why he called his first album "Constant" one clear and concise answer stand out, “Our lives are always changing and evolving, but some things remain constant. My faith, family, friends, and my passion for my music never changes and they make me who I am today.” Beaver shares his first official music video release like he did when Ryan started in this business, playing it to anyone that would listen and appreciate his music. I think Ryan Beaver is going to be a star, what do you think?

"Constant" is Ryan Beaver’s second album. He has stayed very busy though, Beaver has toured most all of Texas and the Southwest, worked over radio stations asking them to play his songs, co-written with other singer/songwriters and has stayed in touch with his fan base. He'll play anywhere anytime as long as you'll listen to his music and watch him perform he sees no end to his rising career. Beaver only prays that he can continue singing, songwriting and making enough money to pay for it all.