In what I call "a stroke of genius," the advertising agency for the South American beer company Norte Cerveza, came up with a really great idea, it not only promotes the Norte brand but more over the beer cooler. Norte's Photoblocker is a kind of beer coozie that protects its owner (the beer drinker) against any of those pesky camera happy people. It flashes a flash at the time a photo is being taken.
With just about everyone posting on all the social networks, your face can end up on the web within seconds. This is one handy little invention, I think this will save some marriages and some reputations. Now if I could just invent a shirt or a lapel pin that politicians and movie stars (or anyone for that matter) could wear that distorted or blanked out the picture, I think I could be a millionaire.
This video promotes a new product developed by the agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. It defends any unwanted interference from amateur paparazzi and day-after embarrassment (or worse).