There have been differences of opinions in what causes autism over the past few years.  There has been new research released that now shows a link to giving birth to siblings less than 2 years apart may increase the autism risk in the younger sibling.

It seems that when the siblings are conceived close together the mother's body does not have time to replenish the nutrients it needs to produce a healthy baby.

Researchers point out that research takes time and there is still much more to be studied.

Bearman contrasted the new research to what he called the "junk science" behind the notion that vaccines cause autism.

"One of the things that leads people to think that junk science is science is the idea that science solves all problems with a single bullet," Bearman said. Instead, "science is very slow and proceeds in steps."

The new study was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

This is of interest to me personally because I have friends who had children later in life, most thankfully are healthy, however there are a couple who have children with autism.  This brings not only a lot of challenges for the child throughout life but also the entire family.  Hopefully, we one day can find out the "why?" for this disease and cure it!!

For more information on autism please see the autism speaks website.