Autism Awareness Card Gives an Eye-Opening Experience
I was shopping with my son at the Mall of Abilene a while back. Near the main entrance, we saw a small, maybe 5 year old boy, having what appeared to be an epic meltdown. With a mom holding the boy by the hand, the child screaming and trying his best to wiggle away to freedom. We’ve …
Study Links Flu During Pregnancy to Autism
What exactly causes autism is still uncertain, but researchers are investigating the possibility that a mother having the flu while she is pregnant may increase the likelihood of her child being born with the condition.
New Findings In Autism Researchs
There have been differences of opinions in what causes autism over the past few years.  There has been new research released that now shows a link to giving birth to siblings less than 2 years apart may increase the autism risk in the younger sibling...