Meek Blood Center in Abilene needs your blood. Their supply of rare blood types have dropped to critically low levels. So please donate today.

Blood types O- and O+ are the 2 they need the most, but they're asking for donations of all types.

Best of all, Meek Blood Center recently changed their hours to better serve donors. They are now open from 10am-7pm, Monday through Thursday and Friday from 8am-4pm.

Meek Blood Center is located at 1150 North 18th Street in Abilene, Texas.

You can also visit any of the many area blood drives to donate the gift of life to Meek Blood Center.

If your group or business would like to schedule a blood drive, you can contact Meek Blood Center by email or by calling 325-670-2799.

Meek Blood Center provides blood and blood products used for lifesaving transfusions to patients in sixteen area hospitals and medical centers in a fourteen-county area. So, as you can see, Meek needs to keep a large supply of blood on hand at all times to be able to serve the high demand.