World Blood Donor Day is this Thursday and as we all know blood is the gift of life for many. You never know when it might be you or a family member in need of a blood transfusion, but I guarantee you would want your type to be in supply. Thursday is a perfect day to go and donate and save a life.

I spoke with Frances Baker at the Meek Blood Center here in Abilene to find out what is needed most in this area. I found out some interesting things in the process.

Did you know that O+ is the most popular type used in transfusions and that O- (universal type) is the only one given to premature babies? These are two types that they try to keep on the shelf at all times but all types are needed.

The center has 2 bloodmobiles that are always out in the community collecting donations. However, during the summer months many of their donors get busy with vacation and family and don't donate. High school and college kids, who are big donors are also not actively donating during the summer months. This is where you can help.

If you have a local business and could organize a day for the bloodmobile to stop by your business and allow your employees the time to donate you would be helping tremendously. You can contact Frances Baker at the Meek Blood Center by calling 325-670-2799 or email her at and she will help you organize this event.

Right now their are also some great perks to donating. Blue Bell Ice Cream has stepped up as they do every summer and provide pints of ice cream in exchange for pints of blood. So if you donate a pint of blood you will walk out with a pint of ice cream and probably some juice and a cookie too!

Meek is also right now giving you a chance to see the Texas Rangers play in Arlington. Anyone who donates will be given the chance to put your name in the hopper for the Rangers prize package. There are 4 chances to win. June 30th to see Rangers vs. Athletics, July 26th vs. White Sox, August 11th vs. Tigers and August 24th vs. Twins. Each of the packages include 4 game tickets, a parking pass, one night hotel stay and a $50 gas card.

I urge you to please donate if not tomorrow then soon. As I mentioned earlier you never know when the person needing blood could be you or a family member. To see where the blood mobile will be see the Meek Blood Drive calendar.

To find out more about World Blood Donor Day see the WHO website.