Joanna Smith released a video wherein she plays news reporter to get video proof that 'Girls Are Crazy,' which happens to be the title to her new song. Her first example of crazy in this video was Honey Boo Boo. I am ruined for life now that I've watched the video, because every time I hear her song I'm going to think of that little Georgia girl jacked up on Mountain Dew, and that ain't right. Joanna promises to do more videos on the subject that "Girls Are Crazy." However she'd like to hear from you. 

Joanna would like for you to submit your own idea or video proof that 'Girls Are Crazy.' To submit your video for consideration Smith gives out her email and Twitter address at the end of the video below or send it to her Facebook page. I can't wait to see her next installment of "Girls Are Crazy" (kind of sounds like a reality TV show.)

Joanna Smith reporting that 'Girls Are Crazy'