If you ask me, "Joanna Smith is the epitome of country music past and present". I just received her new song titled 'We Can’t Be Friends' and this time she has got a song that just captures your attention and your conscience. Give it a listen you'll hear the voices of Reba, Martina, Loretta and Tammy coming through.

It's no wonder Joanna has so much depth and soul in her songs, she's had great examples all her life. As a young farmers daughter she took it all in, the lifestyle, the hard-times and the heartaches. Those all helped in molding a young and impressionable Georgia farm girl into the mature sounding young woman telling me "We Can't Be Friends".

Joanna Smith says “I want my music to do for other people what artists like The Judds, Dolly Parton, George Strait, and Keith Whitley did for me, their songs transported me to another place.” Smith admits she grew up listening to all the greats of country music past and present. When I hear her sing with that thick southern Georgia accent, I hear the grand ladies of country music's influence coming through.

Joanna pauses to reflect on her journey so far, a smile on her face. “If I make it into the big leagues like my heroes, I’ll have had to fight, scratch and claw every inch of the way,” she says. “And I think that’s a good thing. It’s authentic.”

Source: Joanna Smith Bio

As I listen to her new song 'We Can't Be Friends', I just want to plead with her "we can make this work". In the end Joanna is right, there's no way we can be friends. If she only knew how I felt and what I thought, I can only hope to run into her somewhere and we accidentally brush hands like we always do. The truth is a new study reveals men and women can't be friends because someone always wants it to go further.

Joanna does an awesome job on this song I predict it'll start climbing the charts real soon.

Joanna Smith - 'We Can't Be Friends'