Harbin, China must be a really cold place because they have a whole city made of ice. They have the Ice and Snow Festival that runs from early January thru February and it is beautiful from the photos and video's I've seen. Check this magnificent ice city out.

Harbin, China's Ice and Snow Festival was established in 1985 and attracts visitors from all over the world. The Ice Lantern Festival was held first and is still the most loved of the events. This is, in simple terms, the combination of the ice sculptures with colored lights.

It takes many days and many people working around the clock to get the sculptures ready for the 4 day event but it looks like it's worth it.

It took 17 days, 15,000 workers, cost $19 million, covers 6.5 million sq. ft, has snow machines, slides and more. More than 1 million people visit at about $48 each....that's a lot of money!! Somewhere around $29 million profit.

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