I watched the show Cupcake Wars the other afternoon, for the first time ever, and found that you can pretty much make anything into a cupcake. Seems the Dunkin' Donuts company is trying the same thing with donuts. They are going to market pork donuts in China.

It may not sound good to us but in China this may be the biggest thing to hit the market in some time. Marketing research has shown that this is something that will sell well in the China market.

The parent company that owns both Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins Ice Cream are planning on expanding in the Asian market and not only are targeting their patrons with new products but also using NBA star LeBron James as their pitch person.

James has a huge following in Asia and the company has signed him to promote their products to younger people, living in urban areas that are busy and have some disposable income.

Chinese must love pork because not only is the company going to produce pork donuts but also, bagels with pork floss topping. Not sure what that is exactly but it honestly does not sound good; guess that's why we won't find it on the menu in the US.