Go Here: Nap Time on China’s Great Wall
Once upon a time, the rulers of China, especially the Ming Dynasty emperors, decided to build a very big and very long wall, in order to keep the Manchurian and Mongolian raiders at bay. Maybe you’ve heard of this “Great Wall of China?” It’…
Pork Donuts in China? Dunkin’ Donuts Says Yes!
I watched the show Cupcake Wars the other afternoon, for the first time ever, and found that you can pretty much make anything into a cupcake. Seems the Dunkin' Donuts company is trying the same thing with donuts. They are going to market pork donuts in China.
Ice City in Harbin, China [VIDEO]
Harbin, China must be a really cold place because they have a whole city made of ice. They have the Ice and Snow Festival that runs from early January thru February and it is beautiful from the photos and video's I've seen. Check this magnificent ice city out.