While most turn out for the presidential elections, it's just as important to 'rock the vote' on the local level.

Election day is Saturday, May 5th, but you can vote now because early voting has begun.

If you're not sure if you are registered, then you can verify here.

Not sure who to vote for? Here are sample ballots for the area races:

Polling locations and times for early voting in Abilene.

Taylor County Plaza at 400 Oak St.

  • 4/23-27: 8am-5pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 7am-7pm

Mall of Abilene at 4310 Buffalo Gap Road

  • 4/23-27: 10am-6pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 10am-6pm

United Supermarkets (North 10th/Willis & Judge Ely locations)

  • 4/23-27: 10am-6pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 10am-6pm

Abilene City Hall at 555 Walnut

  • 4/23-27: 8am-5pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 8am-5pm

Merkel ISD Admin Building at 1512 South 5th in Merkel

  • 4/23-27: 8am-4pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 8am-4pm

Jim Ned CISD Admin Building at 830 Garza in Tuscola

  • 4/23-27: 8am-4pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 8am-4pm

Buffalo Gap City Hall at 709 Litel Street in Buffalo Gap

  • 4/23-27: 8am-12pm & 1pm-5pm
  • 4/30-5/1: 7am-12pm & 1pm-7pm

Don't forget to bring a proper form of identification:

  • Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
  • Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
  • Texas license to carry a handgun issued by DPS
  • United States military identification card containing the person’s photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person’s photograph
  • United States passport