A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about Diamond Rio coming to the Lone Star State to play a concert at Billy Bob's Texas and questioned whether it would be 'Country' or 'Christian' music concert. While researching for that blog I ran across Diamond Rio's music video 'Meet in the Middle.' The song debut in 1991 and the band became the first group in the history of country music to have a debut single reach No. 1. I checked out the video and wham! Like a 2x4 between the eyes. Five dudes with very pronounced mullets.

Recently country artist Jason Aldean drew attention to Joe Diffie's mullet. While Diffie had his success three years later than Diamond Rio, (as you hear in Aldean's new hit song "1994".) Jason is not making fun of Joe and his mullet, but rather paying respect to the man that molded his dating years. Joe Diffie had a very nice mullet in the day, but I believe that Diamond Rio had him beat. You be the judge, tell me what you think.

One final question, could the mullet hair style be making a come back? Lets hope so. Check out the mullet's and the harmonies that made Diamond Rio a huge success.

Diamond Rio - 'Meet In The Middle'